Milorad Bozickovic

Milorad Bozickovic

Accounting Manager

Milorad joined MDH Partners in March 2021 and oversees accounting for the property and development entities, as well as aide in financial reporting to investors and lenders.

Prior to joining MDH, Milorad led the Project Accounting department at Katerra. He supervised project accountants and oversaw all project accounting activities, along with working with owners and other parties to ensure compliance with contract terms on all projects.

Milorad previously was an Accounting Training Supervisor at Cortland, where he oversaw the staff accounting trainee program, which was responsible for financial reporting and documentation on processes and procedures that created efficiencies and standardized tasks. Milorad began at Cortland as a staff accountant and had extensive experience in property operations accounting, budgeting, cash management, acquisitions and dispositions and audit.

Milorad attended University of North Georgia on a soccer scholarship, where he earned a BS in Accounting and Management from the Mike Cottrell School of Business. Milorad is a USSF National C licensed coach and coaches an under 15 youth soccer team for Atlanta Fire United.